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Privacy and Data Security

You expect your retirement plan TPA to keep your data secure and to provide you with data the way you need it, when you need it. But have you ever checked to see where your data actually lives? There are some safe places for data to reside, and some not-so-good places. Some places are like a vacationer’s unlocked home, whereas others are like a digital Fort Knox. 

At United Retirement, your data lives atop penthouse apartments in America's best cities. And each of these penthouses has a multi-tiered surveillance system, security officers, and guard dogs.

This is just a light-hearted illustration of course, but it is reflective of the national infrastructure and security investments we have made in information technologies. When it comes to privacy, secure data centers, replication, and safeguards against hackers and viruses, the United Retirement information system is paramount and part of why we call ourselves The Super TPA.

This national system also helps us make the most of our analysis, monitoring, administration, and reporting processes. Our system works for all of our retirement plan consultants across the country to ensure that every plan is optimized and in compliance, and that plan information is secured, but readily accessible to those who need it.

In the end, our technology is one more tool that United Retirement uses to deliver the most secure retirement plans and provide the best value for business owners, employer plan sponsors, financial advisors, and retirement plan participants. 

Your goals for tomorrow drive choices today. Let United Retirement help get you there. Request a proposal, illustration or fee quote.